This week we have been learning about George Seurat, who created the style of art called pointillism. We tried several techniques to create light and used different pieces of equipment before deciding on what made our favourite final piece. What a lovely start to the half term!

Minstead 2018

What a fantastic adventure!

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Last morning

Everyone slept really well last night and we all enjoyed a lie-in! Now it’s time for our last breakfast.

The children have had a fantastic time and don’t want to go home yet! We’ve heard lots of comments similar to “Do we have to go home today?”

Time for tea!

This afternoon we swapped activities and learned about sheep and chickens as well as compost and flowers. Now we’re having some quiet time before tea.


This morning we split into two groups to learn about muck moving and creature comforts. We made wraps for lunch and have earned an extra bead for our necklace.