Last week of the half term

What a lovely last week! We had a wonderful DT day making roller-coasters, wrote some instructions on topics we were really knowledgeable about and began thinking about our play for next half term.

Week 3 of Spring Term

Wow! What  busy week it’s been!

We’ve been writing more stories, looking at measurement or shape in Maths, done a cricket workshop, started a dance for the Dance Festival, looked at Leonardo Da Vinci’s art (and done some of our own work using his) and made circuits in Science.

Stories Below

Here are some of the stories we wrote last term that have been typed up in computing just to put here on the blog. Well done everyone who had a really good go at using word and some more still to come!

Piran’s Sky Song ending

Flint skidded to a halt. A tiny girl about twelve ,with bright yellow hair ,as bright as lightning stepped infront of him.

“Hi” called Flint

Eska replied “hello”

“You don’t happen to know where my mum is?”

“Now I can remember” Eska cried.

“She’s locked up in the Ice Queens Palace” Eska said.

“Oh no” Wailed Flint.

“Let’s go and get here then.” They said.

The two heroes walked away to save Flint’s old mum.


Finally, the two heroes arrived. They snuck past all the guards, one

by one. There was trouble. Without looking, Flint bumped into the

Ice Queen. KAPOW! In two seconds time Flint was frozen like an ice

statue. (Well he is an ice statue!) Suddenly all the guards turned into

ice cream, including the horrible elderly Ice Queen.

“Yummy!” cried Eska!

Flint and Eska ran as fast as they could run. Suddenly, Flint slipped

over some hot sauce. He carefully poured it onto the Ice Queen.

“What is this?” The Ice Queen spat.

“Hot sauce” Cried Flint.

“Argh!” The Ice Queen squealed.

1.2.3 BOOM! The Ice Queen was no more.


Suddenly a gigantic pile of snow fell off of the roof…Bum, Bum, Bum.

“Wwwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” They all cried as they

whizzed down the mountain in blank white snowballs.